Camp Roig 31


Architecture | Durietz Design & Development
Location | Alaró, Spain
Year | 2022
Photographs | Piet-Albert Goethals
Soft | 3dsMax + Corona Renderer, Photoshop
We chose this project to perfome how we see interior visualization. Camp Roig 31 is a minimal townhouse located in Alaró, Spain, designed by Durietz Design & Development. The project shows our main values in architecture field. There are legacy and long history, context, work with landscape and atmosphere of home.
We also decided to show some light schemes for this type of design.

Beige kitchen
Beige kitchen
The first is the bright daylight scheme used in the original photographs.
Beige kitchen
Then the scheme of cloudy daylight.
It makes you feel differently about space. It has fewer colors and contrasts. And it has a mood of calm.
Beige kitchen
Beige kitchen
Beige kitchen
Beige kitchen
It was not be fulfil without night scheme. We used classic opposition of orange light and blue haze.
And just for our pleasure, we created these photos with the color scheme of the dawn light on the border of yellow and pink shades.


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