House in Ferraria


Architecture | Enter Arquitectura
Location | Portugal
Year | 2022
Photographs | Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Soft | 3dsMax + Corona Renderer, Photoshop
We chose the Enter Arquitectura project for Herdade da Ferraria to illustrate the possibilities of exterior visualization. We feel related to the way of Enter Arquitectura on this project. We also stand for careful handling of historical heritage, context and landscape features. Working on architecture with an inspiring history is always special. It allows you to feel a sense of belonging to beauty.

Beautiful house with pool
Minimalistic white house
Architects about project: "This was a project in which rural aesthetics were embraced to their fullest extent. Amidst native forests and cultivation fields, the existing structure upon which work was to occur, had been a traditional farm warehouse. Rectangular in form and constituted by two floors, it used to serve the agricultural trade of Herdade da Ferraria. The approach to our creative process for this project was to welcome the proposition of the structure itself; reformulating it according to client specific guidelines."
The main task of visualization is to capture the essence of the architecture. We must unleash the full potential of the project. This project also became meaningful for us thanks to the amazing photographs of Ricardo Oliveira Alves including. Catchy compositions and a variety of interesting lighting have changed our approach to detail. This made him more thoughtful and cautious.
Beautiful house
Night lightning house
We couldn't get past the stylish night shots. They are solved in a minimalistic way. But it emphasize the silhouette of the building and create an atmosphere of a summer evening.
We also added a few frames from ourselves so that the project was presented more fully. The frames correspond to the drawings.
Beautiful back yard
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